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Winter recap/Membership Meeting May 18, 2014 - @ Sherwood HS
9:00am: Board only
11:00am: All membership

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NWAPA stands for Northwest Association for the Performing Arts. We exist to provide a competitive outlet for marching bands, colorguards and percussion ensembles from throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our Mission:

  • Organize and manage an annual circuit of standardized contests for competitive marching bands, winter guards and winter percussion units.
  • Provide educational and constructive feedback for students via a high quality adjudication system.
  • Build and maintain an organization of band directors who seek to educate young people through the medium of music and athleticism.
  • Encourage the growth and appeal of marching and pagaentry activities throughout our region.

Our Values:

  • Excellence in music and artistry.
  • Education for all.
  • A healthy and focused competitive spirit.
  • Mutual support and appreciation among members.
  • Rewards for hard work.

Our Scoring System:

    • Fall Marching Band:
      • Music Performance: Ensemble 10
        Music Performance: Individual 10
        Visual Performance: Ensemble 10
        Visual Performance: Individual 10
        General Effect: Music 20
        General Effect: Visual 20
        Percussion Caption 10
        Guard Caption 10

        TOTAL 100
  • Winter Guard:
      • General Effect 1 20
        General Effect 2 20
        Ensemble 20
        Equipment 20
        Movement 20

        TOTAL 100
  • Winter Percussion:
    • General Effect 40
      Music Performance 40
      Visual Performance 20

      TOTAL 100